Barcelonesa is committed to marketing green resins as an ecological and environmentally friendly solution

What are resins and why are they used in the paint industry?

Resins are highly resistant to external aggressions and for that reason they are used to give the paint certain properties, such as to protect against corrosion or improve adherence.

What is currently being researched in the resin market and with what objectives?

Due to the great concern for the environment and the regulations on the use of bisphenol, research is underway for the production of green, BPA-free resins, which also have improved properties. Moreover, there is an interesting line of research to obtain resin-based self-healing materials.

What type of resins do we market at Barcelonesa?

We sell a wide range of solid and liquid resins, covering all the needs of our clients in various sectors of application. The latest is that we are committed to green resins.

Do you want to know more? Download the data sheet of the new production of green resins at our partner’s plant in the Czech Republic. (Link to the document). 

What properties do the green resins that we market in Barcelonesa have?

They provide the same viscosity and curing characteristics as conventional liquid resins, but are manufactured with plant-based glycerine which enables manufacturing without relying on propylene. They are cleaner and more environmentally friendly and consume much less energy when manufactured.

In this regard, how is this market adapting to the increasingly stringent European legislation on environmentally friendly products?

It is investing in adapting production plants to recover or reuse the generated waste, as well as to produce green resins using plant-based glycerine for the production of epichlorohydrin.

Where is the resins market heading in the long term?
According to the Independent Chemical Information Service (ICIS), it is estimated that the Epoxy Market will grow from 7.52 billion dollars in 2015 to 9.96 billion in 2020. New applications in the composite materials industry, in transportation, and new projects in emerging markets (China, India, Central America, etc.) will increase this business in the coming years.

How will this affect Barcelonesa’s activity in this sector?
We expect an increase in activity and new certification projects. Thanks to our renowned position in the distribution of these products, we can take advantage of these consumption opportunities in new fields of application such as electrical engineering, transformers, the production of integrated circuits and the development of new composite materials based on epoxy resin.

Juan Carlos Montoro

Juan Carlos Montoro


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