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BD Onduland BM

  • Fully liquid product that is easy to apply with makes easier to avoid the common problem of solids decanting from products in suspension.
  • Product with a medium to low viscosity, which makes it easy to apply without the need of special pumping systems.
  • It avoids the usual generation of borax decahydrate powder, what decreases the risk associated with dilution operation.
  • It has a high concentration of boron, which makes possible to work with smaller doses than the ones normally used when working with other liquid or in suspension products
  • Appearance Yellowish liquid
  • pH (sol. 1%): 9,0
  • Density at 20ºC: 1,37
  • g/cm3 Viscosity at 20ºC: 5 ps

The dose should be adapted to each installation and type of cardboard being produced. However, as a guide, 1 kg of BD ONDULAND BM is equal to 1 kg of BORAX 10-H

  • Bulk
  • IBC 1000 litros
  • 25-litre canisters

Keep the product in its closed original containers when not in use. It does not require any specific storage conditions, however we recommend that the product is consumed within 12 months from the manufacturing date.


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