Technical Assistance

Our technical team, with you.

At Barcelonesa we offer our human team and the material necessary to attend your technical assistance needs related to the use and application of the products we supply. This technical assistance is understood as part of the global solution that Barcelonesa intends to contribute as part of its 360º service concept.

Working together with your team and our R&D team, we are sure that we can find the solution that you need and that we will help you to achieve your objectives.

Do you want to know what we can do for you?

Advice on the products use and application.
Safe Storage and Handling of Chemicals
Transport of hazardous chemicals
Labelling and classification of chemicals, food additives, feed additives, etc.
Development of Safety Data Sheets
Quality, safety and environmental management
Management of food safety systems
Analytical techniques
Interpretation and application of generic and sector-specific technical legislation
Acompaniment in the development of formulations
Formulations optimisation
Development of custom-made formulations

New formulations for the polishing process.

The objective is the development of an aluminium polishing formulation free of NITRIC ACID (or with the minimum possible amount), as well as its working procedure to be integrated into an industrial process for the surface treatment of aluminium parts and components.