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Our good chemistry makes an impact

Our good chemistry makes an impact

The professionalism, commitment, involvement and motivation of our employees are a large part of Barcelonesa’s Group success. We generate human connections wrapped in good chemistry to create happy working environments. In this way, we contribute to all the people who work in the company having a positive and open attitude to generate new ideas, continue to innovate and provide a real differential value to our stakeholders.

Our values:
Professionalism, agility and closeness are the principles that guide us in our development as a company, which reflect who we are and define our work culture.

At Barcelonesa we firmly believe in our purpose: that only by establishing solid and lasting relationships will we be able to grow and advance as a company, people and society. To this end, we work hand in hand with our stakeholders to guarantee chemical solutions that maximise efficiency, reliability, response and sustainability in all sectors of activity.

People with good chemistry and a purpose

Olga Juste
Olga JusteCommercial Technician
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"The closeness and support I feel at Barcelonesa make me feel good and help me face new challenges to grow professionally with motivation and energy."
David García
David GarcíaResponsible for Import Export. Assistant Logistics Manager
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''You will set up subsidiaries, charter ships or manage customs projects and logistics projects. It's never just another day at the office.''
Nicole Mogendorff
Nicole MogendorffBack Office
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''What I like the most about my job at Barcelonesa is the good relationship and collaboration with my colleagues at every department. Every day is different, full of challenges, and teamwork has a direct impact on our customers satisfaction.''
Christian Soronelles
Christian SoronellesSysOps Administrator
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''Being part of the TiC department at Grup Barcelonesa gives you the chance to collaborate on a lot of projects that make you feel proud of your work. On a personal level, I would like to highlight the great expertise and humanity of all my colleagues. Definetely, it is an honour to continue contributing both personally and professionally.''
Felip Guidotti
Felip GuidottiCommercial Technician
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''What I like the most about Barcelonesa is the atmosphere and the good relationship with my colleagues and this has a direct positive impact on our customers.''
Joel Janoher
Joel JanoherTransport Operator
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''I feel proud to be part of this family. Barcelonesa means professionalism, agility and closeness, values that help you grow as a person day by day''.

Come and join our family!

Welcome to Barcelonesa Group,

Our most precious asset are our employees, with whom we build a promising future together. We develop our talents and train ourselves with new skills and qualities to give the best of ourselves.

If you want to be part of our team and develop your talent at Barcelonesa, join our talent community, one of our main sources of recruitment and where we discover real rough diamonds. We are a company in continuous development, so there will always be challenges and opportunities in which you can fit in.

Thank you for your trust and we hope to see you soon in one of our selection processes!

Join our talent community

Feel the chemistry. Work with us.
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Our family

At Barcelonesa Group we focus on people, their well-being and motivation.

We work to build healthy work environments, based on work-life balance, flexibility and innovation.

Each person in our organization is unique and their contribution of value is irreplaceable. We are the sum of our individualities and we work collaboratively to encourage the development of talent and adapt with a positive attitude to changes. We evolve, grow and transform together to be happy, motivated and committed employees.

Enric Collell

"Barcelonesa Group is made up of a large group of more than 300 professionals. We can proudly say that we work with people from many countries with a strong intercultural profile: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Moroccan, Algerian, Chinese, Uruguayan, Peruvian, among many others. Without any doubt, the main reason why Barcelonesa is today in a winning dynamic is because of the human richness and personal commitment that these people have with the Group. "

Enric Collell - CEO

Albert Collell

"At Barcelonesa Group we are committed to the relationships between people, and we firmly believe that these contribute to generating a motivating work environment. We are fully aware of the importance of each of the members who form part of the group, as it is thanks to them that we are able to achieve the goals we set ourselves. Barcelonesa Group is the people who make it up and we are proud of all of them. We are a big family".

Albert Collell - CEO

Working at Barcelonesa Group

Working at Barcelonesa Group is not just about having a job, it is feeling proud to be part of a big organisation in which each and every one of us is important. The working relationship becomes a relationship of mutual emotional commitment that is built day by day, in which we learn from the obstacles and grow based on our successes.

Barcelonesa is a company with Soul and our culture has its own essence, with a high dose of pride of belonging. From day one, our employees discover a work culture based on the humanization of personal, social and professional relationships, building bonds based on trust and through our open-door culture.

We promote an appreciative and collaborative leadership style. We train our managers to develop their teams and encourage their professional growth and their individual contribution to the purpose of the company. Our communication style is human and empathetic with and among Barcelonesa employees. We encourage a way of working that leaves hierarchies aside and empowers each person to become the best version of themselves.

Our offices offer a work environment with open spaces that favor fluid communication and teamwork. This allows everyone to get to know each other personally with a close and positive work lifestyle.

Our common spaces “the office” make you feel at home, create a family atmosphere and encourage personal relationships.

At Barcelonesa Group we value your personal and professional development. We invest in the training and motivation of our teams with talent management policies, so that our employees have opportunities to develop according to their professional skills. Continuous training based on personal development and growth through emotional management is one of our main lines of action.

We promote flexible work environments, favouring a balance between family, personal and professional life, a key aspect in the satisfaction of our employees. We facilitate work-life balance taking into account the personal situation of each person. For Barcelonesa, the well-being of our employees is important to us and to be able to contribute to their happiness because being happy it is easier to achieve our goals. That is why at Grup Barcelonesa we celebrate our “Happiness at Work” day every year, to give impetus to this work philosophy.

Our professional areas:

Find in each of our professional areas, the role that you would like to develop in Barcelonesa:


The Laboratory team, together with our Market Technicians, formulate and develop new products to bring sustainable chemical solutions to our customers and support them in the appropriate and optimal technical application of our products. We want our chemistry to have a positive impact on the planet.


Our Quality, Maintenance, Logistics, Warehouse and Production teams guarantee that our distribution and production plants meet all the legal requirements for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.


We generate "Good Chemistry" with our Sales and Purchasing commercial teams and the Marketing team. Through our “customer centricity” strategy, we build solid and lasting relationships with our stakeholders based on teamwork and collaboration with each stakeholder.

Corporate Areas

Our People and Culture, Finance, TIC, QSHE, teams work hand in hand to support all Group companies to continue to grow as a family and as a business.

Your first step to leave your mark on Barcelonesa Group

Being part of Grup Barcelonesa depends, above all, on your personal fit with the values of our company. Our goal is to create happy work environments, and for this to be possible, your personal purpose has to be in tune with the purpose of the company.

This is why we focus our selection processes on the Person, on their goals and on their development potential. We make sure that we are able as a company to meet professional expectations and goals. We are looking for people with a positive and proactive attitude, committed, approachable and eager to face new professional challenges.

Recruitment Process

Your will have your first contact with Barcelonesa Group when you become part of one of our selection processes. We want to meet you. Above all, it is important to fit your values with those of the company, so that you can always be yourself. We will assess your personal skills and technical competencies in different interview formats.

  • Telephone and personal interviews

  • Evaluation of personal skills and technical competencies

  • Match with Barcelonesa Group values


The first few days are the most important for you to integrate into our team and work culture. We will accompany you in your first months offering you training so that you feel fully integrated.

  • Office tour and welcome

  • Initial training program

  • Delivery of documents and equipment

Training and Development

Each year, together with your manager, you will have the opportunity to assess your development at Barcelonesa Group, and train you both in technical skills related to your job and soft skills (digital, emotional management, ways of working). We have internal promotion processes where you can apply for other development opportunities to work in other areas and thus expand your knowledge and contribution to the company.

  • Annual follow-up of objectives and development of competencies

  • Training in personal skills and technical competencies

  • Achievement of objectives, development and internal promotions.