Logistics and Distribution

All the chemistry you need, when you need it

At Barcelonesa, we deliver your chemical products with the maximum guaranteed quality, when you need them and always according to the agreed delivery conditions. Our facilities meet the highest levels of security. We can take care of the storage, handling, manufacturing and transport of your chemical products.

In addition, our international quality certifications attest to the high standard that we maintain in all our products and services.


Our facilities are perfectly prepared so that the product always reaches you in the best conditions. They have permanent security systems and a 24-hour surveillance service. In addition, they meet all current safety regulations related to the storage, packaging and handling of chemical products.

We also have our own quality control laboratory where we make sure to verify and guarantee the quality of the products we sell.

Group Barcelonesa has a powerful infrastructure of warehouses in several countries. This allows us to distribute our products and services to more than 2,000 customers around the world. 

Our headquarters are located in Barcelona and we have warehouses and complementary facilities distributed throughout the Mediterranean area. Altogether we have more than 70,000 m²,a capacity for more than 56,000 pallets and 14,000 m³ of liquids. We have:

  • Warehouse adapted for flammable and corrosive products.. 
  • Warehouse adapted for highly toxic, toxic and phytosanitary products. 
  • Warehouse divided into 3 sectors with RF240 separation walls for flammable and oxidizing products.
    18 tanks of 75 m³ made of A-410-B steel.
    4 tanks of 40 m³ built in A-410-B steel.
  • Barcelona:
    • 2 SEVESO warehouses
    • 2 tank farms
    • 2 warehouses
    • 2 factories
    • Tanks in the port
  • South Peninsula:
    • 3 warehouses
  • Portugal:
    • 1 warehouse
  • North Africa:
    • 1 warehouse
  • France:
    • 1 warehouse

We act as a customs warehouse and we have the following figures that allow us to provide customs and tax exemption until the moment of use of the goods deposited in our warehouses: 

  • Customs Warehouse (DA) 
  • Different customs Warehouse (DDA) 
  • Temporary Deposit Warehouse (ADT) 
  • Local Authorized for Export Goods (LAME)

7 Warehouses

  • Murcia
  • Sevilla
  • Polinyà (Cataluña)
  • Cornellà (Cataluña)
  • Portugal
  • Argelia
  • Francia

3 Shore Tanks

  • Barcelona
  • Tarragona
  • Motril

2 Land Tank Farms

  • Polinyà (Cataluña)
  • Cornellà (Cataluña)

Product handling

At Barcelonesa we handle liquid and solid chemical products.

We are very committed to safety, which is why we train our entire team for the correct handling of different types of chemical products, thus helping to prevent any type of incident or cross-contamination.

Tell us what you need and we will work hand in hand with you, adapting to your needs at all times.

Blendings and customized packaging:

We help you to achieve better results in your production processes by delivering solid/liquid products mixed or diluted according to the needs of each project.

We help you to achieve better results in your production processes by delivering solid/liquid products mixed or diluted according to the needs of each project.

We make customized packaging in different types of containers and packaging, adapting to each type of chemical product. We can carry out packaging from small quantities in picking to pallets and tanks of all sizes.

In addition, we also have several automated packaging lines and an automatic palletizing robot. This allows us to automate new processes and improve safety, packaging times and production capacity.

Our comprehensive packaging management will also make it easier for you to reduce the waste generated by industrial activity.


Do you need us to make a custom made product for you? Thanks to our R+D+i department, we have the capacity to develop our own formulations or customized formulations according to your needs.

Our main purpose is for our customers to optimize their processes and save time and money, gaining reliability in the preparation of their mixtures, dilutions, concentrated bases and even manufacturing. Contact us and tell us what you need.

Fast and custom made transport service

As soon as one of our customers places an order, our logistics and transport teams get to work. These two departments work hand in hand to be able to offer an agile response adapted to the customer’s needs, always maintaining fluid and direct communication.

Our purpose is to transport the products without incidents, guaranteeing that the product arrives in perfect condition in the agreed time and following the ADR Transport regulations.

Reliable service

We offer our customers a transport service with no surprises, the agreed terms and with the highest guaranteed quality.

Urgent transport

We can deliver the goods to wherever you need in less than 24 / 48 hours. We have an extensive network of collaborators that allow us to have a high capacity to react to any unforeseen event of our customers.

Custom made deliveries

We can adapt to the delivery conditions you require: unloading with a lift gate, side-opening lorry or unloading of liquid products. Our transport team has the knowledge and documentation necessary to be able to do it.

Comprehensive chemical transport and logistics service

We have an ADR industrial transport agency and a logistics center specialized in the storage and handling of chemical products.


Thanks to our knowledge of the chemical sector, we can offer a transport service that meets the current regulations and a high level of quality. We have a consolidated team of professionals committed to getting your goods to their destination in optimum conditions and at the agreed time. Among the services offered by BDtrans, we can highlight the transfer of liquids (Transfer Service), the groupage service and full loads, Logistics Hub, SAC inhouse or the integration of systems. From Barcelonesa we can offer our customers a comprehensive service: a single interlocutor to supply the necessary products, store them and distribute them when necessary.


Barnastock is a company integrated in Grupo Barcelonesa. It is one of the few logistics operators that complies with SEVESO III regulations and has all the necessary permits to store practically all types of hazardous chemical products.