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Specialties at the service of the oil industry

Oil & Gas

Specialties at the service of the oil industry

Crude oil is undoubtedly one of the most important natural resources in the world. At Barcelonesa we are aware of this and that is why we provide you with specific, custom-designed products that help to solve the challenges faced by the oil industry.

Furthermore, experience has taught us that using the right additive is not everything. That’s why our team of experts is at your disposal for technical and custom advice.

Get advice on the product you need from our team of specialists.

Broad technical knowledge and support for the chemical solution you need

All our products are specially designed to measure.

Our technical team studies the physico-chemical characterisation of the crude oil and all the surface equipment involved in the dehydration process to develop products strictly adjusted to the needs of each field or installation.

Our technical department will provide on-site support to study your needs and make the necessary adaptations.

Product Range:

BD PETROMULSER range:Range of products and intermediates specially formulated to achieve water-crude separation (emulsion breakers) and further drying adjusted to the conditions and characteristics of production (% BSW, API, Salinity, Paraffin, Asphaltenes, etc).

BD PETROBITOR ASP range:This range of products aims to prevent the agglomeration of asphaltene particles by keeping them in solution in the crude oil stream; avoiding blockages of wells, pipes and equipment by adhesion of precipitated asphaltenes on metallic surfaces.

BD PETROBITOR PRF range: This range of products aims to prevent the precipitation of high molecular weight paraffin present in the oil (suggested downhole application). Paraffin precipitation results in reductions in diameter and capacities of pipes and equipment leading to loss of production.

BD PETRODEPRESORFLUID range: With our PPDs (pour point depressors) we manage to modify the paraffin crystal and improve the fluidity of the crude oil in an effective way, optimising the pumping/transport capacity with the minimum temperature.

BD PETROFLOW FDF range: A range of products developed to control conditions that affect the fluid’s ability to flow, e.g. paraffins, asphaltenes, API, viscosity, undersized pipe diameters, friction, etc.).

BD PETROSCAV TB/NTB  range: Hydrogen sulfide is a toxic and lethal gas with the molecular formula H₂S.

H₂S is often a problem for certain oil and gas reservoirs that contain it, and can also be generated by sulfate-reducing bacteria, SRB.

The H₂S produces sulfhydric stress-corrosion, the corrosive processes where this gas is involved are also usually called sour corrosión; this is a big issue for the integrity of pipelines, production, transportation and processing equipment in the oil sector.

One Good solution are chemical products that react with sulfur,  H₂S is a weak acid that releases hydrogen ions in reactions of neutralization.

Barcelonesa has a range of H₂S sequestrants under the trade name of BD PETROSCAV SCV TB/NTB; with chemicals in triazine and non-triazine based versions.

BD PETROFOAM range: Range of products specially developed to control the formation of foam in certain processes of oil extraction and treatment.

BD PETROSCALE SCL range: Products specially designed for the control and prevention of scaling and hardness. They act as inhibitors of deposit and scale development in oil wells and production equipment. Also recommended for industrial water treatment as a general purpose antiscalant and dispersant.

BD PETROBITOR CRS range*: Products specially designed for the control and prevention of scaling and hardness. They act as inhibitors of deposit and scale development in oil wells and production equipment. Also recommended for industrial water treatment as a general purpose antiscalant and dispersant.

BD PETRODEOILER range: A range of products based on surfactant/polymer blends that efficiently remove small particles of crude oil dispersed in water to achieve reinjection specifications and reduce damage to injector wells.

BD PETROSCAV SCV range: The presence of oxygen in oil production systems is one of the most important corrosión element.

Corrosion can be produced or promoted by disolved oxygen, therefore, it´s presence of must be controlled to prevent O₂ availability for corrosive reactions.

Oxygen scavenging through the application of chemicals is an efficient solution. Barcelonesa has chemical products based mainly on sulfite (SO₃⁻²) and bisulfite (HSO₃⁻) ions under the trade name BD PETROSCAV SCV.

BD PETROCIDE range*: This range of products in charge of controlling the spread of bacteria, which can cause problems in production, both by increasing the rate of corrosion, and the generation of solids (iron sulphide) that could stabilize emulsions and therefore adversely affect the crude oil dehydration process.

Other biocides


BD PETROCLEAN range*: Product range specially developed  for the cleaning of crude oil on different surfaces. For example: Backwashing of oil production equipment.


BARTENSID AOS: Alfa Olefine Sulfonate. Foaming and hydrotropic agent for enhanced oil recovery.
BARTENSID SLS: Foaming agent for enhanced oil recovery.
BARTENSID CAPB: Cocoamidopropylbetaine. Foaming and thickening agent for enhanced oil recovery.
BARTENSID LABS/IPA: Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, IPA salt. Foaming agent containing amines.

Acid Progressive Releaser:

BARTENSID DEGDF-E: Diethyleneglycol Diformate: Slow-releasing acid agent for drilling fluids; substitute for stronger/fast-reducing acids like HCl during ground breaking, thereby avoiding piping damage.


BARQUEST ATMP, Acid 50% (Phosphonate)
BARQUEST HEDP, Acid 60% (Phosphonate)
BARQUEST PBTCA, Acid 50% (Phosphonate).

Other Phosphonates under request


In oil production, there is one challenge facing the oil industry in almost all crudes: oil/water emulsion.

Demulsifiers belong to the group of specialties for crude oil; they are mixtures of various chemical families (resins, polyols, di-epoxides, etc.) that are designed to decrease the surface tension that sustains the crude water mixture (W/O emulsion) achieving the breaking of emulsions by achieving an efficient separation between water-oil phases; achieving the sales specifications required by our customers.

Asphaltene Dispersants/Inhibitors

Corresponds to mixtures of various chemicals such as resins, dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid (derivatives and mixtures) responsible for inhibiting the flocculation of asphaltene particles in oil production, to prevent blockages, partial or complete plugging in pipes, surface equipment; in some cases the precipitation of asphaltenes can occur in the reservoir in the producing sand, restricting the flow of crude oil, with clear consequences of decrease / loss of production and damage to the reservoir.

The most frequent causes of asphaltene precipitation are pressure and/or temperature variations.


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