Coatings Chemical products for the paint and coatings industry


Coatings Chemical products for the paint and coatings industry

The longevity of many of the products that surround us, as well as the attraction they generate due to their appearance, are conditioned by the characteristics of the coatings that envelop them.

In order to achieve this, Barcelonesa offers raw materials and additives of the highest quality, coming from first class manufacturers.

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We help you to find the new raw materials you need for your processes, with the required quality and in the most competitive situation possible. We save your technical and management departments time and effort.

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At Barcelonesa, we have a wide range of products and solutions and we have the capacity to make our own packaging and customized maquilas.

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Paint additives

In paint manufacturing, there are many considerations to take into account: regulations to be complied with, environmental considerations and market trends set by consumers. This makes it necessary to constantly reformulate products in order to adapt to the customers’ needs.

Barcelonesa offers a wide range of additives for all types of paints, from powder paints to liquid paints or varnishes. Our additives allow us to solve both performance and ecological problems, without affecting competitiveness.

Some of the product families we can offer you are: Defoamers, Levelers, Wetting Agents, Dispersants, Rheological Agents are some of the ones you will find in our catalog.

Optical brighteners

Optical brighteners are special additives for decorative paints and are capable of giving brightness and fluorescent whiteness, providing a bluish tint to the paint. These additives absorb light in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum and re-emit this light in the visible range giving a fluorescent effect that produces a better brightness and whiteness of the surface where it is applied.

In Barcelonesa we offer two ranges of optical brightening additives: Optiblanc and Leucohpor.


Solvents are an essential element in the paint to provide the right viscosity to obtain a good finish. Each type of paint needs a solvent compatible with the base paint, preferably of the same nature. Consult our range of solvents and if you do not find the one you are looking for, our technical team will help you to find it.

Organic Peroxides

Organic peroxides are used to initiate polymerization, which results in plastic polymers. Organic peroxides are essential for the manufacture of composite products such as fiberglass. A variety of different organic peroxides are available, each with their own properties and uses, which allow them to create different polymers with different qualities.

Pigments and Fillers

For a paint to have color and opacity, it is necessary that the paint contains pigments and fillers. These substances make the paint white or of a certain shade, allowing it to cover the color or surface on which it is applied.

Fillers are substances that give the paint a greater body or thickness, greater resistance or a certain gloss finish.


Plasticizers are added to increase the flexibility, elasticity and fluidity of the paint. They offer benefits such as increased impact resistance and smoothness, as well as act as carriers for pigments and other additives, offer heat stabilization, light or flame retardancy.

In Barcelonesa we can offer you DINP, DOP, DOTP plasticizers or Polyurethane hardeners.

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Polyurethanes are the most suitable solution for coating any type of surface, acting as an adhesive bonding very different materials together. It is capable of adopting different shapes, has a very high durability, is resistant to corrosion and weathering. It can be used to protect concrete constructions, steel railroad carriages or wooden furniture. It can also be used as an adhesive to bond materials as different as wood, rubber, cardboard or glass.


Resins are used in many applications due to their excellent adhesive, electrical and thermal properties, chemical resistance, strength and dimensional stability. Nowadays, however, it is not just the quality of the material that distinguishes one product from another. Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important.

Therefore, with the environment in mind, our partner SPOLCHEMIE started producing epoxy resins with a significantly lower carbon footprint and other environmental benefits. These are produced from glycerin-based epichlorohydrin, a renewable resource. Compared to epoxy resins produced from epichlorohydrin based on a fossil source (petroleum-propylene), epoxy resins produced in this way are more environmentally friendly.

Resins can be used in different industrial sectors (construction, civil engineering, transportation, electrical circuits or renewable energies, among others) and can be used for protective coatings, flooring, tooling, molding and casting, production of laminates, adhesives and composites, among many other purposes.

We have the following families: epoxy, alkyd, acrylic, saturated and unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, silicone, hydrocarbon, as well as catalysts, hardeners and reactive diluents when necessary.


Driers are chemical compounds that accelerate the drying of solvent-based paints, as well as printing inks and varnishes that dry by auto oxidation.

Within our range of driers, we can offer Co, Ca, Zr and Mn salts.


Silica is essential in the manufacture of paints and coating materials. If you wish to reduce the titanium dioxide in your paints and coating products, the use of aluminosilicates may be interesting. This product will allow you to reduce formulation costs without losing coating capacity, partially replacing titanium dioxide up to 25%.

We have Amorphous and Hydrophobic Precipitated Silica that fulfills two basic functions: as a matting agent (used in the manufacture of paints, defoamers, coatings, adhesives or toners for printers) and as an antifoaming agent to prevent the formation of foam during the manufacturing process.

Our products also include untreated synthetic precipitated silica, suitable for the manufacture of automotive paints, fillers or primers. Improved viscosity due to its high absorption capacity, paints manufactured with this silica are easier to spread and can be applied evenly without dripping.

Other Essentials and Specialties

In Barcelonesa we not only focus on basic raw materials for the formulation of coatings. We are also interested in being at the forefront to offer our customers more technological products such as graphene.

The two-dimensional structure of graphene facilitates its use as multifunctional additive in paints and coatings significantly improving properties such as mechanical, barrier, thermal, lubricant and electrical performance.


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