We take care of your tank levels.

At Barcelonesa we offer you our TELEMETRIX service, so that our team is the one in charge of managing the stock of your tanks.

Our extensive experience in chemical distribution made us realize that the correct management of stocks can lead to an important reduction in the logistic operating costs.

Through Telemetrix you will have access to your personalized Control Panel:

  • Exclusive access for Telemetrix customers.
  • Overvall vision of your tanks level.
  • Individualized tank control.

Which advantages will you get with our Telemetrix service?

Online stock management

You will be able to access your tanks stock at any time and place. You will also be able to see your managed orders.

Priority supply

Telemetry service customers have, in any market situation, priority in the supply.

Avoid out of stock situations

Your stock is permanently monitored by our team and will be stored within the agreed parameters automatically.

Cost reduction

Our team will take care of all the management: order planning, level control, logistics tracking, etc. Minimize costs in stock management.

Customized control panel

From the Telemetrix control panel you will have access to all the information related to your tanks.

Security Data

Your stock data is stored on virtualized servers (cloud) and presented through a simple and intuitive visualization platform.

What tasks do we undertake for you?

  • Tank level control.
  • Orders planning and management.
  • We automatically generate your orders following your instructions.
  • You only have to negotiate the price for a given period once (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  • Logistical monitoring of tanks.