Carratext, The Barcelonesa Food Solutions Carrageenan For Improving Food Texture

Finding the right thickening or gelling agent is one of the most important steps when formulating a food product.

And no doubt: these agents are present in almost all the processed products found in our supermarkets, so the food industry would be lost without them.

Their purpose is to give food products a pleasant texture, which is fundamental to their popularity among consumers.

Carrageenan, one of the most common gelling agents, is a stabiliser that Grup Barcelonesa manufactures under its own brand: Carratext.

Our goal in developing this compound is to help food businesses produce more appetising products, thereby bolstering sales without causing productions costs to skyrocket.

If you’d like to learn more about its most relevant characteristics and how Carratext can contribute to your business, keep reading this article to find out.

Carratext: better textures for all kinds of foods

Before diving into the advantages of our Carratext brand, let’s take a closer look at what exactly is carrageenan.

Carrageenan (E-407) is a natural hydrocolloid additive obtained from red seaweeds. It is widely used in the food industry, though it is commonly used in the cosmetics sector as well (it has a powerful gelling capacity).

This gelling property makes it an ideal ingredient for use as a thickening, emulsifying or stabilizing agent in a wide range of foods: everything from cold meats and sweets to dairy and pastry products.

There are two main types of carrageenans on the market:

  • Kappa: offers excellent gelling capacity, providing strong, rigid textures.
  • Iota: used to achieve more flexible gelatins and to give food products enhanced creaminess. It maintains its stability well when frozen.

At Barcelonesa Food Solutions we offer both types.

Additionally, our Carratext line includes both refined and semi-refined carrageenans.

The most common practise is to combine the various types of carrageenans in the search to attain the perfect balance according to the properties you want to bestow upon your products.

Why choose Carratext

At this point you may be wondering what differentiates our carrageenans from others available on the market.

Good question. Below we explain the exclusive benefits of placing your trust in Carratext:

  • Personalised, internal technical support: if you’d like to try out Carratext in your food business, our experts will be on hand at all times to advise and guide you on how to make the very most of this unique ingredient.
  • Optimised solutions for each and every client and application: we know each product has its own specific needs depending on the organoleptic properties you want to achieve. To achieve this, we offer you the solution that best fits your needs, no matter the sector.
  • Produced in Spain and internal laboratory control: this guarantees the traceability of the ingredients throughout the production line to safeguard and ensure the utmost quality.
  • Halal and Kosher certification: because they are 100% plant-based agents, carrageenans are suitable for these dietary laws. At Barcelonesa, we can certify our clients’ products, offering greater transparency for their consumers.
  • Stable contracts with our raw materials sources: our close collaboration with the primary seaweed-producing countries enables us to control availability and pricing at all times.
  • Fast and secure provision: having an experienced group like Grup Barcelonesa at your back guarantees your company will be well-stocked when you need it most.
  • Custom packaging: if you like, you can receive your carrageenans in customised packaging with your own brand image or any other design you request.

What Carratext contributes to your foods

In this section we list some of the industries that most often use carrageenans, as well as the characteristics they provide to the foods they product:

  • Meat industry: it has a powerful gelling capacity, even in small amounts. It reduces water loss (synaeresis), improves cutting and stabilises the water, fat and protein balance. Does not alter the colour or flavour of the product.
  • Custards: achieves the gelatinous effect that is so typical of these products without having to use animal-based gelatins. It also contributes to the creamy texture while also maintaining product firmness. 
  • Pastry cream: creams made with carrageenan are soft and silky. In addition, carrageenans create an excellent synergy with starches when mixed together.
  • Ice cream: Carratext makes it possible to more precisely control the ice crystallisation process, a basic requirement for achieving the desired texture. Another advantage is that it slows down the melting process of the ice cream.
  • Cheese and other dairy products: the excellent gelling capacity results in creamier, yet still firm cheeses. This aids the process of cutting them into smaller portions.
  • Sweets: it provides structure and consistency to sweets and gummies. It also reduces the annoying stickiness of many sweets that get stuck in the teeth.

Contact Barcelonesa Food Solutions to receive more information about Carratext

As can be seen, the exclusive Barcelonesa Food Solutions carrageenans are an excellent option for any and all food products that require a natural gelling agent.

Just tell us what you need and we will prepare a solution that is tailor-made to your products, with the guarantee of working with a true expert on the subject.

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Jaume Casas


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