Barcelonesa develops an R & D project for the food sector

There have been revolutionary changes in consumer food trends in recent decades. We have all heard of ecological or organic products, vegan or flexitarian diets, and we could go on forever naming the different variations that can be found in national and international markets. Ultimately, what consumers want are much healthier food products that are tailored to their nutrition needs and preferences.

With this in mind, the food industry has been forced to satisfy consumer demand regarding these new trends. This requires the ongoing development of products that adapt to these new trends, but without compromising the products’ own sensory properties. Several consultancy firms, such as Mintel, maintain that substitute products needed to make healthy food products also face the challenge of achieving a similar texture, taste and appearance to those of traditional products.

In many cases, current techniques used in the food industry are not able to achieve a low-fat composition without the product’s sensory or microbiological properties being seriously diminished.

At Barcelonesa, we are developing animal protein and allergen-free emulsifiable solutions that also enable reductions in fat content to levels considered unreachable until now. We want to create new food products whose quality standards are far higher than those of current healthy products, while maintaining the flavour and texture of traditional products.

The CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) has approved our new project “Barcelinject” as a Research and Development project for the food industry. This project is funded in Spain by the European Investment Bank.




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