The Barcelonesa Portugal team

The Portuguese chemical industry has prospered in recent years.

At the same time as the economy has been recovering, it has shown a strong tendency to export chemical products.

Thanks to this upward dynamic, Barcelonesa has made a strategic commitment to the Portuguese area and has a team that operates mainly in this area.

Do you want to know more about our strategy in Portugal?

Well, keep reading, because we tell you more about our Barcelonesa Portugal team in this post.

We put you in context: Barcelonesa’s start in Portugal

Grup Barcelonesa began its activity in Portugal in 2011.

During its growth and consolidation stage, the commercial decision was to unite Portugal with the autonomous community of Galicia, naming this area PTGAL.

The reason for this union was a strategic question:

  • The industries of these two regions have been linked for years.
  • They also share much of the same legislation, as both areas belong to the European Union.
  • This allows us to operate more uniformly and to offer an adequate logistical and commercial service.
  • We have our own warehouse strategically located in Oporto – Santo Tirso, halfway between La Coruña and Setúbal (in Portugal). Thanks to this, we can offer a better service to our customers by taking advantage of the entire road network and the Port of Leixoes.

This combined area is made up of a market of 13 million people in an area of 120,000 km², which corresponds to no less than 20% of the Iberian Peninsula.

For all these reasons, we have an action plan for the growth of our subsidiary in Portugal, with great prospects for the future.

We will now tell you more about our team behind Barcelonesa PTGAL.

The Portuguese subsidiary of Barcelonesa

At Barcelonesa we offer great support to our team in Portugal.

And to ensure the smooth running of the Portuguese subsidiary, these are the actions that we have carried out from our company:

  • Proximity thanks to a team located on-site: we have a large part of our team both in Portugal and Galicia. This allows us to offer a better service and have the capacity to respond to any problem that arises on the spot and at the time. In addition, this team will have a better understanding of the area and all its particularities, as they work on the ground.
  • Support from the external team: we have other members of the Barcelonesa team who, although they are not on site, travel there whenever it is important or necessary.
  • A team of specialists: our team includes specialists in each specific sector.
  • We apply our own know-how: as we have specialists from different sectors, we have knowledge that, when applied in a practical way, leads to success within the company.
  • A team of more than 300 people: including product experts (or product managers), a QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health & Environment) team and a sales team, among many others.

In short, at Barcelonesa we have built a dedicated and efficient team that is ready to take advantage of all the opportunities that may arise in Portugal.

The most human side of our subsidiary

Let’s go into a little more detail.

Because behind our team there are names and faces. And we want you to get to know them and their roles in Barcelonesa PTGAL and their respective specialities.

  • Country Manager Portugal: Pedro Alves.
  • Back Office Portugal and Galicia: Nicole Mogendorff.
  • Sales Specialist Portugal and Galicia: Ricardo Fonseca.
  • Sales Specialist Portugal and Galicia: Manuela Martins.
  • Customer manager Galicia (BUM Surface treatment): Albert García.
  • Customer manager Galicia (Food Specialist): Laia Muns.
  • Customer manager Portugal and Galicia: Javier Ontoso.
  • Customer manager Portugal and Galicia (Water treatment): Jordi Vaquero.
  • Customer manager Portugal and Galicia (BDM Polyurethanes): Mónica Fabra.
  • Customer manager Portugal and Galicia (Feed Specialist): Joan Plana.

As you can see, we have an assorted team, ready to take Barcelonesa to a remarkable position in the Portuguese chemical market.

Barcelonesa in Portugal: one of our big bets

It is clear that operating in the PTGAL area is one of our group’s major commitments.

We believe that this area offers great possibilities for growth, based on a stable economy and many options for exporting products. Moreover, PTGAL accounts for around 7% of Barcelonesa’s turnover.

And our target is to reach 10% within three years.

So it is a strategy that we are taking into account to boost both traditional and emerging markets (energy, biochemicals, environment, etc.). And for this, we have specific action plans.

If you would like to know more about Barcelonesa or about our products and services at PTGAL, we encourage you to contact us by filling in the contact form.

We will be happy to answer your questions.

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