COVID-19: We’re still working hard at Grup Barcelonesa!

That is, of course, keeping in mind the state of alert and exceptional circumstances in which we find ourselves. As a distribution company for products that are essential to multiple production processes, and with the aim of preventing, to the greatest possible extent, the spread of the illness caused by COVID-19, as of last Friday, we’ve implemented a series of actions and procedures as set out in our Contingency Plan in order to ensure the health of our collaborators and to ensure that our activity continues as normally as possible:

Increased safety and hygiene

While safety has always been the number one priority for Grup Barcelonesa, it is now more than ever. We have bolstered our safety and hygiene measures even more with the aim of minimising as much as possible the risk of transmission.

Working remotely

Our office staff is technologically trained to work remotely from home to guarantee that regular operations and service quality are not affected.

Refraining from face-to-face meetings

Though this measure pains us given the fact that closeness is one of our values, we will refrain from holding face-to-face meetings and will limit movement between our centres as much as possible by encouraging the use of alternatives such as videoconferencing.

We know that any small effort is welcome in the fight to stop the spread of this illness, which is why we’ve also set up a committee to monitor the situation on a daily basis, reviewing all the recommendations and protocols and following the guidelines issued by the health authorities such as the WHO (World Health Organization), the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control), and the authorities and health departments of each Autonomous Community and the Ministry of Health. In this way, we will be able to swiftly adapt to any change in the situation while aiming to minimise as much as possible any impact to our service.

We would also like to appeal to individual responsibility and ask all our workers and collaborators to act in a responsible manner and to not take any risks that may affect their own safety or that of their colleagues.

The Grup Barcelonesa team.