Key aspects of Chemical Brightening of Aluminum

Shine has always been a sign of class and elegance for objects and the people who use or own them. The brightening process to make metal objects shine has been developed since ancient times and has been used on all kinds of metals, reaching amazing technical levels in order to provide maximum shine.

Aluminium Brightening is one of the most commonly used finishes for surface treatments due to the wide-spread use of this material in all kinds of industries: lacquering, luxury packaging, jewellery, automotive, aviation, household appliances, food packaging, etc.

Chemical Brightening of Aluminium, which is based exclusively on treatment with acid, is an efficient alternative to the classic electrolytic polishing, which adds an electrical current to the acid treatment. The choice between the two treatments depends on the type of piece and the required level of brightening, as well as different but equally important factors such as productivity, pollution and safety.

When choosing between treatments, you should keep in mind that each Aluminium alloy has its own requirements and the formulations or parameters used should be adapted to each individual case.

When it comes to chemical brightening, it particularly important that you choose the correct ingredients for the acid bath. Therefore, it is important to seek the advice of a professional who is able to assess each individual situation and recommend the optimal solution, with regard to both the formulation of the recommended product and the parameters to be used (temperature, time, concentration) in order to achieve the desired finish.

What should you take into consideration when selecting a supplier who will provide the best solution? The quality of the product regarding its stability, resilience, and the shine it provides is obviously important, but there are other seemingly intangible aspects that should be considered when making your choice:

  • Ability to offer and create customised formulations for all needs, in this way ensuring and maintaining the quality of the supplied products, and if possible in their own lab.
  • Flexibility, speed and timely delivery of products when needed, whether that be for a planned or unforeseen replacement.
  • Low levels of toxicity of the ingredients of the acid bath: the nitrous fumes that are released during chemical brightening are highly toxic, hence why it is advisable to use solutions that minimise or even eliminate them.

Not all products are equal, nor are all suppliers able to offer a complete service that covers all the important aspects of a process that is as delicate as chemical brightening. Turn to a professional and you will not regret it

If you would like to find out more, at Group Barcelonesa we would be more than happy to help you find the solution that is right for you.

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