Metal Surface Treatment with Cleaner MM31: the alternative to solvents

At Barcelonesa we are official distributors of AD International, a company that develops and supplies chemical solutions for the treatment of metal surfaces in industrial processes.

In this post we are going to talk specifically about one of their cleaning products that we distribute: Cleaner MM31.

This product is positioning itself as an alternative to replace the use of solvents in products for the preparation, cleaning and degreasing of mechanically treated metals: blasting, sandblasting, sanding, etc…

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We tell you what it is, what are its main characteristics and the benefits of this product.

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Cleaner MM31 as a sustainable approach

In a society moving towards sustainability and safety, certain practices, such as the use of substances that can be potentially hazardous to the environment and people, are increasingly being called into question.

Solvents – such as thinners, xylene, or heptane – are examples of substances that are frequently included in cleaning products.

Although it is true that solvents are not used as much in coating systems nowadays, they are still used before coating, during cleaning and degreasing of metal.

And we know the dangers of using solvents:

  • Fire safety: we are dealing with highly flammable substances that can cause fires if not stored and handled properly and using the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Environmentally harmful emissions: due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that solvents release, they are a dangerous air pollutant.

For all these reasons, society in general, and public administrations in particular, are becoming increasingly aware of the problems of using solvents and are looking for alternatives that do not affect health and safety so much.

As a result, many European companies are starting to use Cleaner MM31. These include many trailer manufacturers and machine builders in general.

What exactly is the Cleaner MM31?

MM31 is a metal cleaner and degreaser that replaces solvent-based processes (which, as mentioned above, are more harmful to public health).

Its functions include:

  • Cleaning and degreasing.
  • Protection against corrosion.
  • Better paint adhesion.

We have already told you that MM31 is a much less polluting (and safer) product than solvents. But are they equally effective?

Effectiveness of Cleaner MM31 vs. common solvents

The reality is that solvents are not as efficient as previously thought.

Solvents are usually applied with a cloth that is rubbed over the surface of the metal. This causes the solvent to evaporate and the grease layer spreads on the metal instead of being removed.

A simple test known as the water break test is used to check that the solvent is not effective (and that the Cleaner MM31 is).

This test consists of adding a film of water to the metal after cleaning. If grease remains, the water film is broken, as grease repels water, whereas clean metal does not.

This shows us that solvents are rather poor at cleaning, as it is common for grease residues to remain on metals. This can lead to corrosion and paint peeling (if subsequent solvent cleaning is applied).

When the same test was carried out with the Cleaner MM31, the result was completely different, as no grease residue remained.

Benefits of using Cleaner MM31

When used on metals, Cleaner MM31 has many advantages over solvents:

  • It is suitable for many types of metals: this cleaner can be used on aluminium, steel. metallised steel, and hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • Designed for the heavy duty/industrial vehicle manufacturing market: it is specially made to maintain efficiency in its application on vehicles such as heavy machinery, trailers, trailers, trucks or boats.
  • Protects against various corrosion agents: it is effective in keeping forms of corrosion such as rust on metals, white rust on zinc, and aluminium at bay.
  • Improves paint adhesion: Cleaner MM31 not only cleans, but also adds extra value by improving paint adhesion.
  • Durability: allows up to 48 hours of protection on metal surfaces.
  • Easy and safe to apply: it can be used both with a rag and with a spray gun.

In short: it is a suitable solution to replace solvents and also provides greater resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing excellent results in the coating with any type of paint.

Who is Cleaner MM31 for?

Cleaner MM31 is ideal for all companies that have to clean and prepare metal before coating. It is particularly suitable for blasting, sandblasting and sanding, for example:

  • Trailer manufacturers and general machine builders.
  • Painters and lacquers
  • Metal treatment companies that have areas for blasting, sandblasting, etc.
  • Car body makers.

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