Polyurethane: An energy saving solution

World Energy Saving Day is celebrated every 21 October.

The aim of commemorating this day is not only to make our society aware of energy saving, but also to encourage a change in consumption habits in order to take care of the environment.


The building sector is the largest energy consumer and carbon dioxide emitter in the EU.

In fact, it consumes 40% of final energy in the EU, as Monica Fabra Briones, Business Development Manager at Grup Barcelonesa, tells us in this post on her LinkedIn profile.

Among the materials used in construction, if we focus on insulation, these objectives can be achieved in a very simple and cost-effective way.

In fact, up to 75% energy savings can be achieved.

In addition, this also benefits the end user, who recovers the investment within 2 to 4 years.

The use of polyurethane can therefore help us to achieve this. Here’s why.


Polyurethane offers advantages that have an impact not only on the environment, but also on the economy and society.

The advantages for the environment are:

  • Durability: Polyurethane does not sag or sag over time. In fact, if properly installed, it can function for the life of the building, saving energy from installation to decades later.
  • Savings: polyurethane saves resources, as no new manufacturing is required for its application.
  • Reduced environmental impact: this is because polyurethane has a very low thermal conductivity, and therefore, with very little thickness, very high insulation is achieved, which has an impact on building space. This makes it possible to reduce the width of openings and the thickness of uprights, for example.

From a societal point of view, it is worth noting that the production, distribution and installation of polyurethane can help create local employment, as it involves the work of manufacturers and above all agents involved in its installation.

In terms of economics, thanks to its low utilisation, it offers the lowest life-cycle cost (LCC) in key insulation applications in the design of low-energy buildings. It is therefore not surprising that many passive houses or passivhaus are built using polyurethane as an insulation material.


At Barcelonesa we want to do our bit, and that is why we offer our customers a wide range of raw materials and polyurethane systems that contribute to energy saving.

We have different solutions that we show you below.

Solutions for construction

As we have seen, thermal insulation in construction has a direct impact on energy savings and sustainability.

In fact, in the case of polyurethane foams, they provide an excellent level of thermal conductivity, which is why they are considered to be the most effective insulators.

At Barcelonesa we offer you a wide variety of polyurethane materials and options for thermal insulation.

Blocks and sheets

We manufacture various types of polyester polyols and distribute raw materials for polyurethane rigid foam (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) such as isocyanate, flame retardants, amines, silicones, catalysts, etc.

Sandwich panels

Using polyurethane sandwich panels in construction has a double advantage: the speed of construction and the reduction of the waste they produce. We propose 4 or 5-component systems to manufacture this practical panel.

Adhesives for mineral wool / EPS panels

We also have tailor-made solutions for mineral wool and EPS panel manufacturers.

Discontinuous panels

Our polyurethane prevents problems such as peeling or buckling of panels used in sectional doors.

Appliances – Industrial Refrigeration

In the commercial refrigeration industry, good thermal insulation is vital for energy saving, that’s why we offer you different polyurethane systems, the best solution.

CASE (Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers)

At Barcelonesa we have an exclusive distribution agreement with the polyether polyols manufacturer ​ PCC Rokita, which uses a technology that respects nature.


If you also want to contribute to energy savings and take advantage of the benefits of polyurethane, we will be happy to advise you and provide you with all the information you need about our systems and raw materials..

Contact our team through our contact form below.

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