Barcelonesa secures the REACH registration for Boron Ethanolamine

On 31 May 2018, the final phase in the chemical substances registration process was completed, in accordance with Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006 (REACH). 

Barcelonesa, responding once again to its clients’ needs, is pleased to announce that it has obtained REACH Registration for the manufacture of Boron Ethanolamine, a multi-sector product known in the Agrochemical industry as Liquid Boron

The product 

Liquid Boron is a liquid fertiliser with a high boron concentration that is used in the agricultural sector for the treatment and prevention of deficiencies of this element in crops. This nutrient is indispensable in guaranteeing suitable fruit flowering, setting and ripening. 

Manufacturing the product at our facility allows us to control the entire process exhaustively: from the procurement of premium-quality raw materials needed to manufacture the product through to the packaging, storage and specialised transportation service. It also enables us to personalise manufacturing according to our clients’ technical demands and/or needs. 

This control over the product’s raw materials, manufacturing process and safety of use has led Barcelonesa’s Liquid Boron to be certified as fit for use in ecological agriculture by the CAAE. 

Technical characteristics  

Barcelonesa supplies Liquid Boron with a standard concentration of 11%, which can be adjusted to suit the client’s needs. 

Moreover, the substance is highly water-soluble and is compatible with most of the commonly-used plant protection products. 

Finally, as it is complexed with ethanolamine, handling and application are totally safe, since boron ethanolamine is not regarded as hazardous for human health or for the environment according to Regulation (EC) no. 1272/2008.

Download the product data sheet

Barcelonesa’s Agrochemical division provides its clients with a broad portfolio of raw agrochemical materials to create fertilisers and deficiency correctors, both for soil and foliar application.  Moreover, our ranges of specialist products, such as liquid boron, are endorsed by quality standards and by a specialised team that provides personalised assessment to our clients.

Carme Garcia

Carme Garcia


Responsable Sector de Actividad

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