The externalization of the storage of dangerous chemical products, guarantee of security.

The storage, manipulation and handing of dangerous chemical products, which can be peroxides, solvents, pesticides or chloride products, demand the fulfillment of a very restrictive normative in safety regulation and certification. It requires costly installations for storage and handling, to protect people, environment and the stored products. All these measures are mandatory  but come at a high cost.

The most effective solution to this problem is the outsourcing of those activities to a specialized company. This decision is not merely about warehouse savings, especially when we are subcontracting such specific and sensitive activity, where dangerous products are involved.

One of the greats advantages of outsourcing is the reduction of risks and worries because we know experts are carrying out the tasks. As a consequence, companies who take this route can invest both time and resources in being more competitive in their respective fields.

It is a very demanding and restrictive ambit with few specialized suppliers in the storage and manipulation of dangerous chemicals. In Spain the leading company is Barnastock, a company of the group Barcelonesa.

Barnastock can store practically all of the dangerous chemicals demanded by the industry. The branch of Barcelonesa is characterised  by offering an integrated service, not simply storage, but also handling, transport and import / export paperwork. Barnastock also assesses and helps its clients by putting at their disposal a personal manager and an integrated IT link with our customers.

It is precisely this way of working, customer-based and a state of the art service, that has turned Barnastock into the leader in its field. The best proof of its top class service is the typology of companies, from start-ups who need assessment, to big companies who need assistance to enter into the Spanish or Barnastock is very well placed in one of the biggest intermodal logistics centres in southern Europe. The facilities located in Polinyà (Barcelona) has more than 28000 m2 for dangerous chemical storage and all of the areas are adapted to the strict legal rules and regulation typical of this activity.

This excellence makes Barnastock a major ally when companies need to import or export their goods. They make available a range of different customs bonded areas, like DAP, ADT, DDA and LAME, making possible tariff and taxes exemption until the goods are used.

Picture of Barcelonesa