Making the client the central focus and maintaining a close relationship, key aspects to helping our clients grow.

INTERVIEW WITH Albert Gonzales, Commercial Manager for Barcelonesa

Barcelonesa works off of the premise that company growth depends on the growth of its clients. With the aim of offering an improved purchasing experience, Barcelonesa has made a significant commitment to placing the client at the heart of its growth strategy. But what exactly does that mean? How does Barcelonesa’s service offering differ from the competition? What makes it special? Albert Gonzales, Commercial Manager for Barcelonesa, offers us insight on these very questions.

How is the client the central focus of a growth strategy?

Put into practice, it means that we offer a 360º service. This means that all the Barcelonesa departments revolve around the client, offering them our services.

Who coordinates this 360º service?

The customer service team, which includes 20 professionals, a significant number compared to other companies in our sector. We’ve made a significant commitment to enhancing the department, stabilising it and focusing on offering the very best customer service, and on responding quickly and efficiently to our clients’ needs.

What about the Barcelonesa customer service would you highlight?

Its agility, which is of utmost importance when a client has an emergency. We have an amazing reaction capacity, which requires flexibility and excellent coordination on our side. The department constantly works to stay connected to all other departments and thus respond as soon as possible to potential client queries.

Do you treat clients individually?

Each client has its own commercial agent and a person charged with personally handling their account on a daily basis. This closeness enables us to know their individual needs, so Barcelonesa and its services can evolve based on that knowledge. We are therefore constantly improving our value proposal to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Is this commitment to better service providing results?

We are recoding high levels of satisfaction and high customer loyalty rates. Thanks to the regular satisfaction measurements that we carry out, we know that our clients are very satisfied and fully trust us.

What kind of client portfolio does the company have?

We currently have an active client portfolio of 3,000 companies, spread out over the globe and pertaining to 17 different activity sectors.

Is the company still family-owned?

Despite the size and international scope that the company has achieved over the years, it hasn’t lost its familial nature and is still led by the original founding family. It is currently run by the third generation of said family while members of the fourth hold management positions within the company.  This level of family commitment translates into additional advantages, such as better understanding of the industry, the organisation, and the value of establishing increasingly stronger relationships with clients.

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