PDV Microfine Salt for the Food Industry

High quality food manufacturers, and especially snacks and flavorings manufacturers need very pure salt from vacuum technology, easy to apply and with an extra fine granolumetry.

The problem is that the acquisition of this specific salt for this type of companies is complicated and expensive due to the shortage of supply in the market.

Grup Barcelonesa has started the commercialization of a microfine vacuum salt, with a grain diameter below 0.250 MM at a competitive price.

Read on if you want to know how this special salt can help your food business.

PDV Microfine Salt

Most frequent vacuum salt on the market is usually marketed with a granulometry ranging from 0.600 to 1,000 MM.
The microfine vacuum salt that we commercialize has a granulometry of less than 0.250 MM.

This makes the benefits of this microfine vacuum salt even greater than those of normal vacuum salt:

  • This salt will enable a better application than with normal granulometry vacuum salt, which can further shorten production processes.
  • As the salt is better distributed throughout the product, the flavor is greatly enhanced.
  • Fine grains also improve the texture of the final product.
  • The preservative power of seasoning your products with this microfine vacuum salt is also greater.

In addition to the technological advantages, this type of salt also has other advantages from an economic point of view:

  • Competitive price: we offer this special, high-quality salt at a very competitive price in the market, both in Spain and anywhere in the world.
  • Available all year round: while other distributors that sell this type of fine grain vacuum salts (below 0.500 MM) usually have problems supplying their customers throughout the year, our microfine vacuum salt (less than 0.250 MM ) will be available at any time of the year, without supply problems.

Industries that can make the most of this vacuum microfine salt

Although, in general, microfine vacuum salt can be beneficial to the entire food industry (such as the manufacturers of soups, dressings, pickles, dairy products, etc.), there are two sectors for which it is particularly suitable:

  • Flavorings manufacturing: with this type of high-quality salt you can greatly enhance the taste and smell of the flavorings and consequently of the finished products.
  • Snacks manufacturing: our microfine vacuum salt disperses very well over the entire surface of the snack. And also, being microfine, in dry products such as fried potatoes, pipes with salt or crackers, the surface salt is hardly noticeable.

Contact Barcelonesa to ask for product specifications and price of our microfine vacuum sal

The product is available in 25kg bags.

If you want to start testing the results of this salt directly in your business, you can contact our commercial department.

We will be pleased to send you product specifications, price offer and samples.

Jaume Casas

Jaume Casas


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